The human resource is the foundation upon which the security system is based. Security managers, officers and agents are the ones who will ultimately determine the level of the security system's preparedness to deal with the threats. Axiom therefore regards security training as an integral part of security project management.

Training delivered by Axiom covers the full variety of activities – from basic training through exercises aimed at verifying the operational level, to control for the purpose of preserving and enhancing the security manpower's professional level for the long term.

Together with Zinman College at the Wingate Institute in Israel, Axiom established the Homeland Security Academy, which it also co-manages. The Academy trains security managers and officers belonging to the public and business sectors to fulfill their roles under routine and emergency conditions, including in its courses the most updated knowledge available in the areas of security and emergency management. The lecturers and trainers are all highly qualified and experienced specialists in their respective fields.

The Homeland Academy  




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