Loss Prevention is a field of action that aims to enable the effectively control of the industrial, marketing and conveying processes together with the movements of funds, raw materials and products, in order to protect the organization’s assets and vital interests against hostile elements attempts to damage them or to exploit them for their own benefit.

These threats of criminal elements, whether they are coming from the inside of the organization, using personnel authorized to utilize its resources, and even if they are operating from the outside, existed since ancient times. Criminals inherently acting to gain quick easy profit by the purloining of property, money or information that will enrich them, disregarding the damage caused to the organization through their action. They will act ingenuity to locate, and sometimes even to create, the vulnerabilities in facilities and processes, and to use them for their own advantage. In many cases, the damage caused to the organization is infinitely large than the profit that the offender achieves.

Coping against corporate crime, fraud and removal of property by deception is a fundamental need of the organization in order to maintain its operations. Greater economic damage may be caused to the organization as a result of theft or embezzlement.

Axiom S&M performs a comprehensive process of risk assessment and risk management.  for that purpose we shall tudy all the organization’s territories, activities and operational processes. Based on risk assessment Axiom S&M offers a solution that is optimally integrates with operational activity and create effective control on processes.

Comprehensive response plan also includes the application of technological measures, as needed. It also includes the characterization of roles and duties according to their accessibility, and accordingly optimized practical and user management of employee’s reliability.

It must be remembered that all the loss that organization could avoid, goes directly to the net profit line.

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