About Us

About Us

Axiom Security and Management Ltd. was established in 2005. The company specializes in the fields of homeland security, as well as in handling and managing disaster and emergency situations. Axiom is also responsible for the professional management of the Homeland Security Academy  College at Wingate, which it co-established as a joint venture, by the Academic College at Wingate and Axiom.

In the field of security, Axiom provides security consulting and project management services for clients in the public, business and civilian sectors. The company executes risk analysis processes that cover the full range of risk assessment and risk management components. Risk analyses include the professional and managerial response to terror threats, as well as to criminal activities and vandalism targeting assets and property, and also deals with loss prevention, business intelligence and employees reliability.

Axiom provides solutions in all security sectors, with emphasis placed on securing urban environments, organizations, sensitive installations, executives, public transportation and  civil aviation.
Axiom regards security manpower training as an integral part of project management and consulting in the field of security. Jointly with the Academic College at Wingate, Axiom co-established the Homeland Security Academy and co-manages it. Apart from basic security training, Axiom assists organizations to continuously improve their security operations by conducting exercises to assess their security staffs' professional level, and establishes auditing and control systems aimed at preserving and enhancing their level of performance over time.

In the field of emergency preparedness and management of disaster and emergency situations, Axiom specializes in disaster management, and offers consulting services, as well as project management and training activities focusing on preparedness, the preparation of emergency plans and handling disasters arena. Disaster management comprises three stages (before, during and after) – risk analysis and advance preparation, management and coordination when a disaster occurs, followed by recovery. At the professional level, disasters are dealt with on five levels: Prevention, preparedness, survival, recovery and return to routine. All the activities required to protect people and assets and preserve their capacity to function during and after a disaster are integrated into these levels.

Axiom offers a unique methodology in disaster and emergency management, which involves a comprehensive risk analysis that encompasses the elements of risk assessment and management.

Axiom is committed to the ethical code of security that was formulated within the framework of the Homeland Security Academy, and attributes the highest priority to the protection of human lives and its clients' assets.