Mass Crowd Events

Mass Crowd Events

Games and sports competitions attract audiences from all walks of life.
So dose concerts and various types of mass events.

Sporting events are characterized by a competitive atmosphere, sometimes creating passionate and emotional. Not only the players, but also the fans try their best to affect the results. Either way, sporting events create a profound emotional experience of solidarity, as well as camaraderie, fraternity and rivalry. Fans and spectators try to make an impact on the score, whether by shouting from the seat or by attempting to break into the field. According to researches, there is a connection between violence at stadiums and the environment, in which the game takes place, while competition between teams often represents competition between communities and reflects various social conflicts. Therefore, besides being an ultimate form of entertainment, sporting events are subject to potential violence and order disruption, which may lead to a substantial disruption of the event and audience’s safety.

Sporting event security is essential in terms of handling threats of terrorism and violence, as well as to ensure public order in light of the prevailing enthusiasm or violence among the fans.

Safety management is necessary to ensure that the facilities and equipment are safe for the audience.

Audience management is an evolving professional field that should ensure effective audience management and control.

Security and safety are not only the actual objectives, but rather necessary measures that allow preventing routine disruption and ensuring the safety of athletes and position holders, as well as the safety of the audience.

Competent event management should be conducted in accordance with the characteristics of the events and locations where they take place. Proper event management will ensure efficient utilization of resources and budgets and will optimally integrate into the event, organization, and facility management.

Axiom Security and Management conducts Risk Analysis, Security Surveys, and the Planning of the Security array for Sporting events, Concerts and other types of Mass Events.



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